Remote monitoring and control system


Be aware of the current condition of your vehicle. Prepare for maintenance as soon as it returns to stock to reduce unplanned maintenance time.

Our system is designed to check critical parameters of a train/tram/etc. in real time and instantly notify the operator about current faults and anomalies. This way, the maintenance team can prepare a solution in advance while the vehicle is on its way to the depot.

The usual approach to service is transformed into smart service. Instead of identifying problems on the spot, your employees can proactively find the best solution and fix it without delay. With predictive maintenance and forward-thinking strategy the efficiency and reliability of the vehicle service would be significantly enhanced.

Key features:

    Monitor individual parameters in the system in real time.
    Sending warnings or other messages to the necessary device.
    Recording and graphical processing of parameters.
    Use of AI for processing large data arrays.
    HW is resistant to vibrations, temperature fluctuations, and interferences. The equipment must be certified for use in railway transport.
    Protocols used: GSM/WiFi / ZigBee /CAN.

Technical characteristics

  • Type


  • Application

    All type of vehicle

  • Vibration according to

    EN 50155

  • Operation temperature

    from - 40°C to 60°C

  • Protection


  • Voltage

    24 V

  • Testing operation

    Slovakia, Czech Republic (two years), Сairo

  • Project

    Skoda Transportation

  • Type of vehicle

    Tram, Metro

  • GSM/WiFi data transfer to the Cloud



Let's explore intelligent service offerings for your smart depot.

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