ShockTest Master


Springs and Shock absorbers bench is designed for testing secondary suspension springs and shock absorbers/vibration dampers.
You will know exactly when the shock absorbers are to be replaced.
Automatically assess the condition of shock absorbers and get recommendations for their further use.
Unlike the usual procedure which requires testing the items on the manufacturer side, this can now be done directly at your depot. The new procedure for checking the performance of shock absorbers is quite simple. It includes connection, testing, labelling the shock absorbers with an automatically printed label and storing the test results via email, cloud, etc. for further use.
The equipment is multifunctional because both horizontal and vertical types of shock absorbers can be tested. 

Key features

    Electric drive
    Microprocessor control
    Remote monitoring
    Compatible with Smart Depot

Technical characteristics

  • Type

    ShockTest Master

  • Testing

    Springs/Shock absorbers

  • Dimensions

    Max height 2100 mm, width 1067 mm

  • Operation

    from - 10°C to 60°C

  • Weight

    Max 180 kg

  • Control system

    Microprocessor control unit

  • Controls / protocol

    LCD panel / via termic embedded printer

  • Drive


  • Power supply

    380 V

  • Current max

    40 A

  • Signaling

    Visual LED, SMS, WiFi, email

  • GSM/WiFi data transfer to the Cloud


  • Compatible with Smart Depo



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